Visual Object Modelers had announced that they are no longer in business since May 2010. Visual UML is no longer supported and is not available for purchase or evaluation.

Visual UML project migration

For all Visual UML users, you can migrate your projects to Visual Paradigm, which not only keep your works, but to let you carry on modeling with latest UML notations. All Visual UML users will receive full technical supports from Visual Paradigm with regards to the migration and the use of Visual Paradigm.

No registration is required for 10 days trial.
Extend free trial 30 days by simple registration.

No risk. No obligation

  1. Step 1. Open your work in Visual UML. Select File > Save Model As... from the main menu.

    Open your work in Visual UML
  2. Step 2. Choose to save the file in XML format (*.Umlx). Save it.

    Choose to save the file in XML format (*.Umlx)
  3. Step 3. Start Visual Paradigm. Select File > Import > Visual UML... from the main menu. Select the file to import.

    Import Visual UML project in Visual Paradigm
  4. Done.

    Visual UML project imported to Visual Paradigm

Companies using Visual Paradigm products

Should you need any help regarding the migration, please contact Visual Paradigm.